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777 Sicilia Malta

Sicilia, Malta, Eolie, Egadi, Gozo, Pantelleria, Pelagie e Ustica

editore: Edizioni Magnamare

pagine: 248

Nuova edizione 2017/2018 con 100 carte e 400 piani nautici, corredati da tutte le informazioni necessarie alla sicurezza e utili per trovare servizi d'appoggio a terra. Novità: Itinerari di terra

777 Sicily and Malta

Circumnavigation of Sicily and Malta, Aeolian, Egadi and Pelagie Islands, Pantelleria, Ustica, Gozo and Comino.

editore: Edizioni Magnamare

pagine: 544

The 777 Pilot Book Series has been prepared in the tradition of the ancient portolans (pilot charts), that used to include charts, chartlets and also descriptions of harbours and shelters. As a result, users today have an authoritative, comprehensive and useful toolto navigate in safety whilst maximising enjoyment.Our strengths are:• We personally visit all the moorings and anchorages, and their surroundings;• We have a network of on-the-ground researchers to collect information and provide updates;• We include suggestions of onshore itineraries and services useful to yachtsmen;• We provide a telephone helpline for assistance;• We provide video tutorials of the main ports and anchorages.Our goal is to accompany our readers and provide them with faithful and up-to-date information.Inside you will find:OVERVIEW CHARTSMOORING AREASANCHORAGE AREASDETAILED NAVIGATIONAL INFORMATIONINFOLINEQR CODEBACKGROUND HISTORY UPDATES AND INFORMATIONONSHORE ITINERARIESSPECIAL LOCALITIESWEBSITES

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