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Behind the scenes



I was born and raised in Trieste, a port city on the Adriatic. The sea is in my blood and I have loved sailing since I was a child. I face challenges and believe that, in order to provide up-to-date and accurate information, one can never stop.

To keep the pilot books up-to-date, I soon realized that it was absolutely vital to personally visit every berth, from ports to buoys and anchorages, and that it could only be done by sea, so as to understand the same winds, obstructions, manoeuvres and difficulties that users of the books could encounter.

With passion and dedication I collect new data and information together with my team, to enrich the pilot books. The new editions include important news that will make the experience of navigation more enjoyable, connecting it with landscape and people.

Telephone numbers, websites and QR Codes are provided and allow you to have access at any time to updated information.

Thanks to the addition of the QR Codes and a database within the cartographic section, it will be possible to download images and videos of the coast, that will give you the impression of being there even before arriving.

Constant work and the fine branching network of reporters in the territory characterises these pilots books and makes them unique and valuable.

I would have never succeeded in this “mission” alone: I thank my family for their support and love, even sometimes from a distance; the editorial staff that collects and re-organises all my records from the office with passion and commitment; and my two ever faithful canine crew, the short and charming “Tender” and the tall and elegant “Wally”.

Marco Sbrizzi

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