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Kvarner & Pag Islands


Kvarner & Pag Islands

Kvarner & Pag Islands

auteurs: Dario Silvestro, Marco Sbrizzi, Piero Magnabosco catégories: collection: Les Voies de la Mer n° collana: 34 editeur: Edizioni Magnamare langue: ANGLAIS typologie: NOSTRE EDIZIONI pages: 120 édition: 2022 code: 833777 ISBN: 9788862000833


Expédié sous 1-2 jours ouvrables
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120 Colour Pages • A4 Format • Paperback Binding
45 General Charts • 152 Nautical Plans


The 777 Pilot Book Series has been prepared in the tradition of the ancient portolans (pilot charts), that used to include charts, chartlets and also de­scriptions of harbours and shelters.

As a result, users today have an au­thoritative, comprehensive and use­ful tool to navigate in safety whilst maximising enjoyment.

Our strengths are:

We personally visit all the moorings and anchorages, and their surroundings;

We have a network of on-the-ground researchers to collect information and provide updates;

We include suggestions of onshore itineraries and services useful to yachtsmen;

We provide video tutorials of the main ports and anchorages.

Our goal is to accompany our readers and provide them with faithful and up-to-date information.

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Dimensions 29.70 × 21.00 cm


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